Our hardwoods appear in many of the finest places.

Prime Lumber Company Hardwoods

With our worldwide sourcing relationships, Prime Lumber is able to supply our customers with most requested wood species such as Red or White Oak, Cypress, Walnut, Ash, Poplar and Sapele as well as special-order decorative woods for flooring inlays, furniture and other unique applications. Most of the wood we sell is 4/4 to 8/4. Some is available as 10/4 or 12/4.

Our modern kilns enable us to properly dry and stress-release all woods we process. All lumber is stacked on specialized kiln sticks to eliminate sticker shadow/stain. All kiln sticks are placed 12” apart to ensure flatness. We use a minimum of 8 wood samples per kiln charge to ensure proper statistical sampling. All of our woods are graded before and after kiln drying to make certain our customers receive the high quality and excellent yield they expect.

To satisfy our customers’ increasing volume needs, we invested in expanding our facility to provide increased capacity. We also grew our capacity to address large ripped-to-width orders. Enlarged volume and equipment to address bigger ripped-to-width requirements serves our customers well. Our optimized ripped-to-width strips are defected after ripping, when necessary.

We now offer beveled cypress siding, a naturally weather-resistant siding for construction along the eastern seaboard. This material is well-suited for high humidity and temperatures near the ocean and other bodies of water.

Prime Lumber proudly supports the Unified Hardwood Promotion (UHP) coalition’s initiative: American Hardwoods Treasured for Generations™. Our selections include many, American-grown hardwoods, so our customers can offer consumers preferred wood species grown in the USA.

Many of the most popular woods we offer are listed below. Please contact us for special orders or woods not listed here.

White Oak
Red Oak
White Ash
Walnut (American Black)
Maple (soft maple / hard maple)
Australian Cypress

Douglas Fir (special order)
Eastern Red Cedar (aromatic cedar)
Eastern White Pine
Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)
Mahogany (Genuine / African)
Radiata Pine
Southern Yellow Pine
Spanish Cedar